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Amsterdam: A Photo Essay

January 16, 2017


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Afternoons in Amsterdam by the canals. Bikes are locked, people are wandering, and light is dancing off the water.

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The townhouses of Amsterdam oppose each other in an almost conversational type of way. If they could talk I wonder what stories they would tell.

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Nothing better than some tea on the window sill. Recommended pairing with some light reading.

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From inside the Rijksmuseum. Incredible architecture inside and beautiful parks surround the facade outside.
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Located only 15 minutes walk from the city center, Vondelpark is enchanting. Nothing can beat a sunset walk through the rose park. Some iced tea on a warm summer day would be perfect.
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The Moco museum was hosting a Bansky and Warhol exhibit. The artistic, liberalized, youthful and alternative culture of Amsterdam pairs well with Banksy’s political and social commentary.

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Looking up from a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Nothing like an Amsterdam morning in the drizzling rain with some warm tea.
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Calm is not a waste of time. Walking the canals of Amsterdam, smelling the flowers and taking a breath will never disappoint.


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