Myanmar (Burma)

The Best Beaches in Myanmar

March 5, 2017

Many people ask what are the best beaches in Myanmar?

Until about 1 year ago, this was an easy answer: the beaches of Ngapali. Now the answer has changed.

The best beaches in Myanmar are inΒ DAWEI.

In Dawei….with the ENTIRE beach to myself!

Private beaches everywhere

Dawei is located on the southern peninsula, which was opened about 1 year ago to tourism.

Why I love Dawei:

  1. The beaches are incredible
  2. There are practically no tourists. Maybe you will see 2-3 tourist a day at the MAIN beaches
  3. The fish is outrageously good and there are many restaurants to choose from on the beach.
  4. They are west facing so the sunsets are incredible
  5. Think Thailand of the 1980’s


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