Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar: Do I need a visa?

March 15, 2017


Do you need a visa when traveling to Myanmar? YES!

Is it hard? NO!

How to get one? Myanmar has an official online visa program that gets you 28 days in their country.

Cost is about 50-60 USD

Step 1: visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Like many countries offering online visas, there are all kinds of companies that advertise their help to get you a visa. You will need to give them the same info that you give to the Myanmar embassy so don’t even think about using one of these services. Go direct to the website.

Step 2: upload all the required information. Myanmar is not as strict as other countries, so with a passport, flight info, and your ID you should have all the info you need.

Step 3: PRINT OUT YOUR VISA (ALWAYS). Don’t expect to get in with a photo from your phone, this isn’t a Taylor Swift concert.

That’s it! Mine took three days and I did it on my phone while laying in a hammock in Zanzibar, Tanzania. 


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