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Backpacker Index: Cheapest Cities In Europe 1-5

April 4, 2017
  1. Sofia, Bulgaria: US$24.04/day
    1. Sofia is capitol of Bulgaria. It is a mid-sized city with an urban feel and culture. Not many tourists and not many world-renowned cites, but still interesting life, history, and culture.
  2. Krakow, Poland: US$25.70/day
    1. The next Prague and Budapest, Krakow has low prices, good restaurants, good bars, and a beautiful old city.
  3. Bucharest, Romania: US$25.70/day
    1. The bustling city of Bucharest is no Paris, or any other city you would visit to fall in love, but it is cheap and foreign.
  4. Belgrade, Serbia: US$26.17/day
    1. Belgrade is a city with good bars, good restaurants, and culture. It is cheap and has a fascinating and sometimes troubled history.
  5. Budapest, Hungary: US$26.75/day
    1. Now on its way to a tourist trap city, Budapest is split between the old, cheap, and authentic, and the new touristy, and overwhelming.

*Info credit to Backpacker Index

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