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Backpacker Index: Cheapest Cities in Europe 6-10

April 7, 2017
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: US$28.50/day

    1. Increasing popularity is making this Balkan-area city more popular with tourist, despite its troubled past.
  • Kiev, Ukraine: US$29.18/day

    1. Kiev, and the Ukraine as a whole has always been pretty cheap. Furthermore, recent conflicts has causes its currency to drop in value and inflation to rise, making it even more affordable.
  • Český Krumlov, Czech Republic: US$30.34/day

    1. The Czech’s second city in the top ten. This is a less-discovered, smaller, more naturally beautiful Budapest.
  • Warsaw, Poland: US$31.45/day

    1. Poland’s second city on this list. Warsaw is also worth a visit…maybe after Krakow.
  • Zagreb, Croatia: US$32.69/day

    1. Croatia pulls tourists to its beaches and Plitvice Lakes. Zagreb is inland so it is much less visited…..and much less expensive than Croatia’s other regions.

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