Hvar, Croatia: Not Quite Ibiza, But Close

April 18, 2017

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I spent a month working in a hostel and a bars of Hvar. I worked as a bartender and pub crawl leader for the White Rabbit Hostel, the top ranked hostel on the island of Hvar. I got the job through Workaway.

I worked everyday; 3 days as a bartender at the hostel’s rooftop bar and 3 days as the hostel’s pub crawl leader, which entailed taking the guests to the bars starting at 11pm – the start of quiet hours for the hostel. In exchange for this work I got housing in a volunteers apartment, breakfast made by the wonderful cook, Jessica, and quite a few free drinks AKA work fuel. My days were completely free until work started around 7 or 8PM and were filled with going to local beaches, visiting different islands, exploring island of Hvar and other shenanigans that hostel guests and I could come up with.

There were 7 volunteers who ran the hostel. Everyone was young, relaxed and fun. There was a great horizontal structure between everyone who ran the hostel. It was a great learning experience to see how 7 people could handle 60 beds and 30 people checking in and out everyday, while maintaining a good vibe in the hostel.

I can’t wait to return to see my White Rabbit family and go back to the place where I made such good memories and friends. If anyone is going to Croatia, let me know!


Hvar, an island directly west of Split, is one of the more famous islands in Croatia. Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. A one hour ferry takes you to this little slice of Dionysian heaven. A place where people come to party, island hop, and swim nude at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Hvar is rising as a top European travel destination – the superyachts and megayachts perpetually parked there suggest that this is the case.

Hvar blends a relaxing vacation vibe supported by beautiful beaches and all-day excursions to the small islands off its coastline with an island club scene. Some call Hvar little Ibiza due to its rowdy evenings. While Hvar won’t become Ibiza (in the near future at least) due to its size and more chilled out vibe, it’s nightlife won’t disappoint.

Additionally, Hvar is also the best jumping point for the famous Blue Cave and Stiniva Beach, voted the best beach in Europe this year.

Hvar is definitely worth a stop, at least for one day of partying as you cruise around the Croatian Islands. I would suggest combining your Hvar trip with a stop in Island Mljet or Island Brac or maybe even Island Solta for a more remote and calm experience.

Additionally, Hvar is a great place to shorten the travel between Dubrovnik, the famous historical city that is increasing in popularity due to its feature in Game of Thrones, and the northern area of Croatia and Split. It definitely better to take a ferry from Split to Dubrovnik and vis-versa and island hop instead of taking the bus, which has to border cross with Bosnia and Herzegovina and takes forever.


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