Quick Guide: Amritsar, India

July 3, 2017

Located in the northern Indian region of Punjab, Amritsar is the cultural and religious center of the Sikh religion. Amritsar has a population ofย 1,132,761 according to the 2011 census. Hinduism and Sikhism are the two most popular religions at roughly 48.5% and 49% respectively.

Home to the world-famous Golden Temple, Amritsar is one of the world’s great pilgrimage sites and is becoming a larger tourist destination.

The Golden Temple attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal and is the single most popular non-Indian destination in all of India. The Golden Temple has over 100,000 visitors daily. Additionally, all who visit are able to receive a free meal (Langar is the word for this) as it is the custom of the Sikh religion to feed visitors regardless of class, race, gender, or age. Estimated 80,000 people are fed for free every day!

Amritsar, is often referred to as the “Foodie City” because of its delicious range of Indian and Punjabi foods. Food tours are very popular. I recommend this one: Jugaadus Food Walk.

Lastly, the Punjabi region is one of the most globally impactful regions of India. Punjabi food, people (including the gypsy Roma people), and religion can be found all over the world.


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