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Quick Guide to Plitvice Lakes (Falling Lakes)

July 3, 2017

These are the most beautiful lakes I have ever been to. They are so beautiful that they were my screensaver for about 5 years and the whole time I though they were fake. Well, they are real and should be your #1 mainland Croatia destination.

Plitvice Lakes main waterfall!

Plitvice Lakes!

  1. What are the Plitvice Lakes (Fallings Lakes)?Β They are a collection of lakes, seemingly located in the middle of Croatia that fall into each other and are colored perfectly blue.
  2. Where are Plitvice Lakes? See the map below
  3. How to get to the Plitvice Lakes? They are located between Zagreb and Zadar. While there are many tours that go there for the day, we backpackers don’t like tours. You can take a bus to very close. Unfortunately, the only hostel is located about 20 minute drive away. This hostel offers 8 Euro transfers to the lakes. You can also hitchhike. I stayed here and I would recommend it. There is a great hike that starts right out the front door that is recommend for sunset, as well.
  4. Best time to be at the Plitvice Lakes? Sunrise at the Plitvice Lakes is amazing. The lakes are very touristy once the tour buses arrive around 11 so getting there before then is important.
  5. Sneaking into the Plitvice Lakes? The place is pretty incredible and worth the money so for that reason I don’t recommend it. But people have snuck in during the early hours of the day. There is very little security and the lakes are not surrounded by fences of anything.
  6. Hidden Lakes? This is important so good on you for reading this far. There ARE hidden lakes that you CAN swim in. Below the lowest waterfall, there is river that starts. If you follow that river, you will find additional pools that are unguarded. Find it and it will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Below is a picture of a hidden lake and waterfall.

    Hidden lake in Plitvice Lakes (Falling Lakes)

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