Myanmar (Burma)

My Worst Bus Ride: Pt. II

July 18, 2017

PART II – 11:20 PM

The bus stopped, for the 4th time. By now, I had realized the bus doubled are a freight truck; every 30 minutes the bus had stopped and people frantically took off and replaced bags of who knows what – vegetables, plastic toys, beverages, and food – all in the dark of night.
This time bus started again and oh my lord it started smelling like fish. I mean, the entire bus instantly started smelling like a subterranean fish storage container on a deep sea fishing excusrsion that had overheated. I even enjoy eating fish, but this was beyond the smell of seafood…..this was absolutely odorous FISH.
I looked around at the other people on the bus to gauge their feelings. The general consensus: unsurprised, because this in rural Myanmar, but totally grossed out. Wherever you are from, the smell of fish guts will get you.
The problem was, I didn’t even know where the smell was coming from. Like it was just there, everywhere. Overwhelming. I told myself that I would get used to the smell as time went on. And it did, to a degree. The smell was still there, but either it wasn’t as bad, or my sleepiness compounded my tolerance and I started getting used to it.

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