Bath, England: The Best City in Europe For Busking?

August 25, 2017

10 AM outside the Abby, they told me. That is where you will pull your straws and get your assignments and placements.

No I am not canvassing for money, but busking, and Bath is a highly organized operation.

Bath, England is a touristy city. It is in a valley surrounded by green hills, it has good weather (for England), and great architecture. It is famous for its mineral water, hence the name. It hangs its cap on the Roman Bath tours, as well as touting the houses of the wealthy, and the nice cathedrals.

However, in my eyes, those of a musician, Bath will be remember for the countless street performance I was in awe of.

Everyday, I would watch at least 5 performances. I kid you not, I could image 3 of the 5 buskers being famous one day. Talented musicians and excellent singers. There are no magician, or tacky shows. These are all quality musicians.

I think if you can make it in Bath as a street performer, you can make it.

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