Budva, Montenegro – Quick Fix

January 2, 2018

Welcome to Montenegro!

This shot was taken in Budva and features the lovely Ballerina on the rocks. They say she was a girl waiting for her sailor and her love to come from the sea. They say he never came and she died on the rocks….a little grim that last part. I guess she is also a practiced yogi because her form was much better than mine. #budva is a tourist capital along the Adriatic coast. It has gorgeous scenery and a well preserved old town with sand beaches.

Unfortunately, it’s beauty is also its curse. Since 2006 when Montenegro separated from Serbia and created its own tourism and business regulations, the floodgates for investment were opened. Budva has changed in the last decade from a small seaside tourist destination to the site of high-rise apartment buildings, casinos, and real estate offices. It’s now considered the Monaco of the Adriatic. Prices have soared and locals are getting pushed out.

People say the Russians are the most common buyers. People are even referring to parts of Budva as Russian village. Cheap flights to Moscow, a 9% flat tax on corporations, royalties, and capital gains, and a maximum resident tax of 15% on salaried earnings make it a nice alternative for international businesses. However, at a sacrifice of its historically calm and relaxing environment #montenegro #budva #russianinvasion#taxhaven #adriatic #kotor#mediterranean #kylegoes 🌎

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