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    The Most Painful Fart That Ever Was

    June 17, 2017

    I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I should resume posting with a rather gross, but funny topic: farts!

    Still water runs deep, they say. A beautiful phrase that captures the power of calmness, patience, quiet, and stillness.
    It can also describe the fiery rush of pain one experiences when farting in the Dead Sea of Israel. The thrill of burning salt water rushing inward is something you will never forget, like Jerusalem, or the first time you squirted lemon juice in your eye, or that time your friend dared you to eat 3 chili peppers off the vine in Myanmar, or…well you know…

    The Dead Sea, sitting at 978 feet below sea level, is the lowest place on earth. The heat salinates the water by evaporating the air. It is 9x saltier than the ocean. Put one drop on your tongue and it will make you gag.

    Dead Sea Beach

    In the Dead Sea, you float. No effort needed. Due to the salt content, you are hyper buoyant. You can stand and float vertically, or sit cross legged and float, its even hard to get deeper than your chest. Additionally, there are great healing properties contained in the minerals of the warm water. I felt a lot like Steph Curry in those commercials when he is sitting in the epson salt floating chambers. It was the closest I will come to being Steph….

    With this accomplishment in the books, I thought it would fun to one day to float across the entire Dead Sea from Israel to Jordan. Maybe, if true peace is ever found, it willl happen.