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    Goodbyes: First Thoughts After a Last Day

    July 3, 2017

    While traveling, especially while traveling alone, we have to say a lot of goodbyes. New and old friends we meet in the hostels, on the buses, in the trains, in the bars, and around town.

    Some goodbyes are harder than others, of course. And that is the sign of a loving connection. The harder the goodbye, the deeper the connection.

    At first, it is strange and sad. Then, you begin to get used to it, its part of traveling. Like many strong emotions, it is easier to ignore negatively than to address it. Although, the later will help us develop ourselves much more as time goes on.

    Today, I said goodbye to my sister and travel partner for the last 6 weeks. We saw 4 countries together (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary). How luck are we?!!? These where my first thoughts.

    “Just said goodbye and felt sad, happy, proud, nervous, like I was missing something, but like we gained so much. Beers in Bucharest, high-fives in Budapest, nights out in underground ruin-bars, riding the buses, the trains, the Blablas, the hitches, the strangers, the food, the drink, the smells, the sun, the sweat, the tears, the adventures. Everything was worth it. Funny thing, is that is always is.” (July 2, 2017).




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