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    How to Backpack Through Monaco…..If You Must.

    July 3, 2017


    Let’s be honest here, I don’t like Monaco. I don’t recommend visiting Monaco. However, like all my posts, this is supposed to give travel insight. So if you are headed there, this is for you.

    Monaco is not the typical backpacker destination. It is one of the richest and most expensive countries in the world. It is famed for its features in James Bond films and casino-based espionage.

    Additionally, for a shoestring backpacker, it is probably not one of the most rewarding countries to visit per the dollar you spend. However, if you find yourself in southern France, it might just be worth your visit…..if you can stand watching rich showoffs rent Lamborghinis and spend 22 euros on a martini (cough cough, my sister).

    First off, for accommodation, there are no hostels in Monaco. There ARE hotels, however, and they are likely no less than triple digits per person. PriceOfTravel lists 2 star hotels at over $111 USD per night. We found an affordable and lovely AirBnb. It was technically just outside the boarder of Monaco in France, which we think made it a little cheaper. Keep in mind, Monaco is only 2KM in size.

    For food, there are a few markets where you can buy some overpriced food. We bought bread and cheese, per usual in France.

    For parties….yea right. If you are not wearing loafers and a wrist-watch, you will not get into the club. Trust me, they really didn’t like my Nike Free’s (@nike).

    For drinks, you can buy drinks in the supermarket or go to a bar. Nothing will be less that 10 euros for a drink.

    During the day there area few attractions, none of which where amazing to me.

    1. Visit the castle. The King of Monaco, who is the son ofΒ Grace Kelly who married his father and became Princess of Monaco, still lives in the castle. People line up to see him, which we did, but he never came out! Too cool for school, I guess. There are great views from up by the castle.
    2. Japanese Gardens. These are really…alright. They are small and nothing was extraordinary about them. They show up on Tripadvisor because they are something to do. I can’t believe they get 4.5 stars and over 1,000 reviews….
    3. Swim in the water. This is actually pretty good. I mean, its the Mediterranean so its good. But not any better than anywhere else on the riviera.
    4. Visit the Monte Carlo. This is cool if you want to see rich people showing off and fancy cars. I was shocked, frightened, disgusted, but actually entertained. So try it at night.
    5. Visit the fancy stores. Gucci, Prada, Versaci, wtvr….visit if you want.
    6. See the superyachts. These are some flippin’ bigass boats. Actually, kind of amazing.

    Well, there are have it. Visit for a day. Check it off the list. Make a gazillion dollars investing for Persian oil-titan then visit again. Or don’t.