Myanmar (Burma)

My Worst Bus Ride: PT. III, IV

July 19, 2017

PART III – 12:30

I always fall asleep on buses, trains, planes, you name it. This was the first bus on which I really struggled to fall asleep. Even using the blanket that I had been traveling with since India to cover my eyes from the bright television screen, my headphones to block out some of the wailing Myanmar pop singers, and my nostrils and brain slowly numbing the fish smell, I struggled. Finally, despite the awful potholes and winding jungle roads shaking me back awake, I dozed off to a light sleep. I even recall, as the feeling of sleep started washing over me, saying a little prayer that I hope to make it through the night and wake in the morning.

PART IV: 1:20

Wet. Face. Rain. Drip. Drip. Drip.
I wake up and wipe the liquid of my face. Confused and pretty pissed off I looked around, its raining, but the windows are closed and nobody else seems to be wet.
I look up.
Drip. Face.
There’s are leak in the roof. Right above my seat.
I take a moment to realize the situation and sober up from my temporary sleep.
I look around to see any open seats. There are none.
I think about sleeping in the isle by laying down. But realize it is actually too skinny for a human to lay between the rows of seats.
I turn around and see that in the back of the bus there are a few people laying down on these big white bags of stuff. They look pretty comfortable. I gather my stuff and take a look.

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